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Thank you for visiting our homepage.

IPC & S Grosshammer GmbH stands for International Procurement Cooperation & Services, hereafter called IPC&S for short.

We arrange free capacity for you in the following sectors


2.) COMPLETE LOGISTIC SOLUTIONS (including shipping)


Are you looking for structural steelwork or engineering manufacturers whose pricing levels are acceptable to the marketplace or who can offer you contract manufacturing services?

Do you have manufacturing bottlenecks for which you need a second source at short notice?

Are you looking for a competitive partner who is able to move your project forward in a professional manner using its world-wide network?

Or are you looking for an industrial installation partner for whom the expressions on-time delivery, flexibility and quality are more than just sales talk?

If so, you have found the right partner!

This purchasing platform is not going to relief you of difficult contract awarding decisions, but will contribute to you being presented additional purchasing and procurement opportunities easier and being introduced to new companies.

If you are a manufacturer, IPC&S will forward on to you enquiries tailored to your manufacturing capabilities. This professional, selected brokering service contributes to achieving particular levels of efficiency and hit rates for user and manufacturer.

Our years of experience in the international procurement for global players, and our visits to other European countries, the Middle East, Asia (China, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, etc.) spanning several months, have enabled us to establish a foothold in these markets.

Your in-coming enquiry documents are reviewed by IPC&S and passed on for you to selected steel and engineering manufacturers, logistics or industrial installation partners who have free capacity for your requirements within the right timeframe and who are in a position to prepare you a proposal.

IPC&S regularly compiles information on free capacities and therefore knows up front who has free capacity where and when even before we receive your enquiry. This means a relatively short time span between enquiry and contact award/order placement and minimises overheads and sourcing costs within your purchasing department that ultimately affect your bottom line.

IPC&S offers a competent brokering service as demanded by the marketplace: quick, flexible and efficient.

We do not just initiate initial contact, we also facilitate you up to the end of the procurement process if so required.


Send us your non-obligation enquiry or contact us for an appointment.

Manufacturers are kindly asked to take their time to register. This will enable us to select qualitatively high and beneficial enquiries from information gleaned about your company. After all, it is only up-to-date and qualitatively high information that is of economic benefit - safeguarding our efficiently in the long term and hence benefiting you.

Since you are taking the time to read this to the end, it is apparent that your working methodology is similar to that of IPC&S. It is our philosophy to think through everything and to strive for the perfect result - without settling for half measures.

We provide you with clear information. Should we not be able to assist you in any particular project, we will decline politely by firmly.

We are not in the business of wasting time and make money by being professional. We want to use this strategy to strengthen the backbone of our users in procurement and to be an eloquent sales tool for manufacturers and service providers.

We will be only too glad to provide evidence of our service capability and request you to send us your project lists/enquiries.

We would like to thank in particular Sandvik Mining and Construction Materials Handling GmbH & Co KG for providing free-of-charge picture material in the structural steelwork and engineering column. We would also like to express our thanks for providing free picture material for the logistics sector to Jas Projects S.p.A and to MCE Industrietechnik Zeltweg GmbH & Co for industrial installation. We would also like to express our thanks to Mr. Pöltl's team for the continued and innovative work on this homepage,

Yours respectfully

Walter Grosshammer


  IPC& S Grosshammer GmbH
Bundesstrasse 66
8740 Zeltweg

Tel.: +43 (0) 35 77 26268 - 10
Fax: +43 (0) 35 77 26268 - 15
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